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COMMAND & GENERAL STAFF MEETING AGENDA.. PSC brings meeting to order, validates attendees, and reviews ground rules, agenda, and meeting expectations. 2. SOFR provides safety status briefing. 3. SITL conducts situation status briefing. is incorporate briefings from e OSC, EUL, SPs, and o ers as appropriate. 4. Command presents Command Direction for next . ICS 230-CG. 3. Meeting Schedule (Commonly-held meetings are included) Date/ Time. Meeting Name. Purpose. Attendees. Location. Unified Command Objectives Meeting. Review/ identify objectives for e next operational period. Unified Command members. UC Meeting Room. Command and General Staff meeting. UC Presents direction to Command and File Size: 23KB. COMMAND AND GENERAL STAFF MEETING AGENDA.. PSC brings meeting to order, conducts roll call, covers ground rules, and reviews agenda. 2. SITL conducts situation status briefing. 3. SOFR provides safety status briefing highlighting any near misses or injuries requiring medical attention beyond first aid and ICP/Base/Camp safety issues. 4. IC/UC:.File Size: 25KB. e agenda for e Command Meeting should include e following: • State jurisdictional/agency priorities and objectives. • Present jurisdictional limitations, concerns, and restrictions. • Develop a collective set of incident objectives. • Establish and agree on acceptable priorities. Command/General Staff Appendix B: Incident Command System Map Symbols .. 56 Appendix C: Job Aids for Staff Preparing FEMA ICS Forms for e IAP .. 57 Appendix D: Final Quality Assurance Table 5: Sample Agenda for e C&GS meeting 25 Table 6. Command Staff Depending upon e size and type of incident or event, it be necessary for e Incident Commander to designate personnel to provide public information, safety, and liaison services for e entire organization. In ICS, ese personnel make up e Command Staff. Each of e Command Staff members also have an Assistant. Introduce EOC Coordination Group and staff members. Present current on-scene situation, Incident Command Post objectives and priorities (ICS 201 Form). including territory (maps and facilities locations), jurisdiction and agencies involved. Any additional safety . Command and General Staff • Reiterate e incident objectives (using ICS 202: Incident Objectives) • Establish Operational Periods • Establish meeting schedules • Communicate additional resource needs Who Attends • Command and General Staff members Me odology • Conduct meeting soon after e AA’s and initial IC/UC briefings. 6 Meeting Room Layouts: Unified Command (5) Ground Rules: Agenda: Unified Command Meeting: Incident Briefing ICS-201: Incident Commander: Incident Briefing ICS-201: Assigned Task: Command & General Staff: Command & General Staff: Liaison Officer: Initial Unified Command Meeting: Assignment List ICS-204: Tactics Meeting: Tactics Meeting: Public. View e sample agenda on e next page. Your Notes. Unit 1: Course Overview ICS-400 – Advanced ICS Page 1.4 Student Manual ICS-400: Advanced ICS for Command and General Staff, Complex Incidents, and MACS Sample Agenda DAY 1 Morning Session x Unit 1: Course Overview (1 hour) x Unit 2: Fundamentals Review for Command. Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS). Personnel assigned to is position should be qualified as an IC. roughout e rest of is Job Aid, e generic term Command also be used to denote all e above entities. Personnel assigned to is position should have a good operational background, experience working. Incident Command System. e Planning P is a guide to e process and steps involved in planning for an incident. e leg of e P describes e initial response period: Once e incident/event begins, e steps are Notifications, Initial Response & Assessment, Incident Briefing Using ICS 201, and Initial Incident Command (IC)/Unified Command (UC) Meeting. NIMS places is meeting between e Incident Command/Unified Command Develop/Update Objectives Meeting and e Preparing for e Tactics Meeting. e Planning P used in e previously mentioned coursework and e video recognizes e flexibility of e Command and General Staff meeting, and relies on e needs of e incident to determine. Command and General Staff Meeting: e Incident Command/Unified Command meet wi e Command and General Staff to ga er input or to provide immediate direction at cannot wait until e planning process is completed. is meeting occurs as needed and should be as brief as possible. Command and General Staff Meeting Layout LSC PIO LOFR FSC SOFR OSC Ground Rules Agenda ICS-202A Command Direction Key ision & Procedures Priorities Limitations and Constraints Incident Chart or ICS 201 UC UC UC UC O B S E R V E R S COMMAND ICS-202 Incident Objectives ICS-230 Meeting Schedule SITL leave after briefing DOCL PSC ICS-233. Responsibilities of Command and General Staff Incident Commander, Command Staff, and General Staff Positions Description Qualities Incident Commander e Incident Commander has overall responsibility for managing e incident by objectives, planning strategies, and implementing tactics. e Incident Commander is e only position at is always. initial unified command meeting ic/uc objectives meeting 12 common response objectives 14 command and general staff meeting 15 preparing for e tactics meeting 18 participants in tactics meeting 22 preparing for e planning meeting 24 materials and display for a planning meeting 25 planning meeting 27 operations briefing 35. e ICS 202 is completed by e Planning Section following each Command and General Staff meeting conducted to prepare e Incident Action Plan (IAP). In case of a Unified Command, one Incident Commander (IC) approve e ICS 202. If additional IC signatures are used, attach a . e incident commander performs all major ICS command and general staff responsibilities unless ese functions are activated. Command staff: Public information officer, safety and officer, liaison officer e planning section chief reviews e agenda and facilitates e briefing, e incident commander presents incident objectives. Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) . FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) Click e [Word] to download in Microsoft Word format, click e [PDF] to download in Adobe format, click e [Visio] to download in Microsoft Visio format. Have responsibility wi in your organization to function in a Command and/or General Staff position. Prerequisites Must successfully complete prerequisite courses, Incident Command System (ICS)- 0, ICS-200 and ICS-300 or equivalent prior to being accepted for is course. 7 to command and general staff positions exist for local or regional incident management but are not a NIMS typed resource. 6. Teams include two or more Operations Section Chiefs, who be assigned to serve as deputy, as Operations Section Chief . All participants are expected to be certified at e ICS- 0 and ICS-200 levels at a minimum. ICS-300 is highly recommended. Participants will work toge er in an eight person IMT (Command and General Staff). III. Objectives At e conclusion, participant will understand e All-Hazards Incident Planning Process and will be able to: 1. Command and General Staff. Area, Emergency and EOC Managers. is link will take you to e Oklahoma Department of Homeland Security, who is responsible for coordinating all NIMS and ICS training roughout e state. To register for ICS 300, please follow e instructions on at web page. 03,  · Initial Incident Command (IC)/Unified Command (UC) Meeting. At e top of e leg of e P is e beginning of e first operational planning period cycle. In is circular sequence, e steps are IC/UC Develop/Update Objectives Meeting, Command and General Staff Meeting, Preparing for e Tactics Meeting, Tactics Meeting. Barnstable County All-Hazards Incident Management Team. During disasters and emergencies, e resources of local public safety agencies resources can be stretched to e limit as an incident expands in duration, size, scope, or complexity.. at’s why e Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Committee (BCREPC) created e Barnstable County All-Hazards Incident Management Team. Incident Command System Planning Section Chief updates, command staff meetings and o er NOTE: Agendas can be preprinted in ICS 231 (Meeting Description) and used for various meetings. Continued on Next Page. USCG, G-MOR 11 Planning Section Chief Job Aid Rev. uary 2000. is instructor-led course has mandatory pre-course work (estimate 4 - 6 hours) intended to increase knowledge of Command and General Staff (C&G) position responsibilities on a Type 2 Incident Management Team (IMT). Instructions. Complete and submit e pre-course work as directed in your S-420 Course Selection Letter. ICS training is required for all command and general staff, as well as operations branch supervisors involved in tactical field operations. Sample Meeting Agenda located in Appendix D of Pub 911B. Expected conditions will affect e list of PennDOT has adopted e Incident Command System (ICS) for incident response and bases e. on creating an agenda and facilitating e Planning Meeting. Unit 6 Planning Cycle E-962: Planning Section Chief—StudentGuide Page 6-3 You need to understand e key point of an Incident Command System so at when somebody comes to you and says, is is how e Incident Command Meeting. e ICS 215 includes: • Division. e concept of IMT Gear is simple: Provide useful and high quality products to responders. Founded by incident management and emergency response professionals wi over 30 years of experience, we know what it takes to manage an incident. So weâ€ve searched e offerings and assembled products here at we have believe in and know will work well for you as well. Describe e intent of e Command and General Staff Meeting. SIM Phase 1b. JT/Andrew. 1600 (1 hr) Operational Planning – Develop Objectives & C&G meeting. Scenario – Morning of OP 1: IMT begins planning process for next OP. Intent – Agree on Strategy & develop Incident Objectives. Agendas are available prior to e meetings. Minutes are available following approval. e spreadsheet of Region 9 training is included wi many of e meeting minutes. For links to o er training opportunities, ICS 400 Advanced ICS for Command and General Staff. View All /Calendar.aspx _____ Have questions about COAD?. During e first meeting of e Command and General Staff (held at e beginning of e operational period) draft e Incident Action Plan, ICS Form IAP and attachments. Following e meeting, finalize e plan and have e Incident Commander sign off. Ask e Documentation Unit to disseminate e final Incident Action Plan to all modules. Persons who will serve as command or general staff in an ICS organization, select department heads wi multi-agency coordination system responsibilities, area commanders, emergency managers, and multi-agency coordination system/emergency operations center managers. ICS-400: Advanced ICS Command and General Staff— Purpose is course provides training on and resources for personnel who require advanced application of e Incident Command System (ICS). Who Should Attend Course agenda. 1) Basic ICS (I- 0) 2) ICS for single Resources and initial attack incidents (I-200) 3) ICS for Expanding Incidents (ICS I-300) 4) Planning Process 5) Computer Basics for beginners Our new ICS board game will be available soon (In development) Click e link below to visit our complete list of courses. Incident Command System (ICS) & Departments of Transportation. Joaquín Mixco. Emergency Management Coordinator. 23 ust . Visual 2.2 ICS Fundamentals Review Version 2.0. Agenda Command & General Staff. Meeting. Visual 2.25 ICS Fundamentals Review . View e sample agenda on e next page. Your Notes. Unit 1: Course Overview ICS-400 – Advanced ICS • Is a standardized management tool for meeting e demands of small or large emergency or Fundamentals Review for Command and General Staff ICS-400 – Advanced ICS Page 2.8 Student Manual April . area command and incident commanders meeting e following job aid is intended to assist Area Commander(s) in development of an agenda at will be used when meeting wi on-scene Incident Commanders for e first. Command & General Staff Meeting Agenda: Command Direction (ICS 202a-CG) PSC. Critical Information Requirements (ICS 202b-GC) PSC. Site Safety & Heal Plan (ICS 208) SOFR. Air Operations Sum y (ICS 220) AOBD. Demobilization Plan . Quick Response Guides for Command and General Staff members. Complete Command Post Kit (individual Command Post Products Sold arately): Incident Command System (ICS) Operational Planning Cycle Poster. Meeting Room Layout Diagrams and Agenda Posters. Planning Cycle Meeting Position Tent Cards. Meeting Display Title Signs. ICS 300 expands upon information covered in e ICS 0 and ICS 200 courses. ICS-400: Advanced Incident Command System, Command and General Staff - is course provides training and resources for personnel who require advanced application of ICS. ICS 400 expands on information covered in ICS 0 rough ICS 300. ICS courses are exportable. ICS Forms Exercise. 3. EOC Planning Cycle Module 2 – Managed Phase. EOC Planning P Objectives meeting agenda Strategies meeting EOC Command and General staff meeting. ICS 300 expands upon information covered in ICS 0 and ICS 200 courses. ICS-400: Advanced Incident Command System, Command and General Staff - is course provides training and resources for personnel who require advanced application of ICS. ICS 400 expands upon information covered in ICS 0 rough ICS 300. ICS courses are exportable.

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